Distracted Driving: A Public Health Epidemic

October 1, 2021

Officially, more than 3,000 Americans die each year due to distracted driving. Unofficially, that number could be closer to 20,000. Described as an epidemic, this public health issue needs to be addressed.

Launched September 16, 2021 by National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg, the National Distracted Driving Coalition is accelerating national efforts to implement interventions that eliminate distracted driving fatalities and injuries.

A first-of-its-kind in the United States, the coalition combines leadership from the private and public sectors with the goal of developing a national strategy to combat distracted driving.

Together for Safer Roads is proud to be on the steering committee of this powerhouse coalition that consists of The Kiefer Foundation, the National Transportation Safety Board, American Trucking Associations, the National Safety Council, DRIVE SMART Virginia and others all supporting this important initiative.

Distracted Driving Coalition Action Plan Priorities for 2021

  • Create an overall coalition brand and centralized resource for distracted driving materials
  • Communicate the importance of having prevalence data to measure and track the problem
  • Conduct a national survey to focus on what it would take for drivers to change their behavior and identify the barriers that prevent behavior change.
  • Highlight the importance of educational messaging to underscore the risks of hands-free phones as a source of distraction
  • Work with children and youth to increase distracted driving prevention strategies
  • Promote best practices for workplace distracted driving policies to inspire corporate leadership and encourage that leadership to extend their culture of safety to other influencers and the community at large
  • Prepare policy/legislative briefing documents to support legislative initiatives

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